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Asian Business School ( ABS )

As Franklin D Roosevelt said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

So, to accomplish this purpose of building smart and intellectual future businessmen and to fulfill the need of proper business management education, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) supports Asian Business School.

Asian Business School has a world class campus functioning in a 90,000 sq. ft. building consisting beautiful classrooms and well-equipped classrooms for practical classes, a well maintained library with books on varied topics and a magnificent auditorium.

Hardwork, punctuality, discipline, positivity and transparency in work are the only factors that lead to success and there’s no substitute for these. The students at ABS are trained to imbibe all these qualities of a great professional turning them into future change makers of the society.

At ABS, the courseware is of international standards and has been structured by a group of experts imparting holistic business management education to the budding managers. The students of this B-School simultaneously study and qualify for a diploma in media management.

Meeting people, interacting with them and travelling are more educative than pure academics. Hence, due emphasis is given to the practical training of the students by attaching them to various business houses. Towards the end of the two-year business management program, the students of Asian Business School have a brilliant option to proceed to UK where they can get the opportunity to hone their skills at Oxford Business School.

ICMEI opines that Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and to contribute in the making of a well-educated world and so, it is relentlessly imparting management education and training to the students coming from varied parts of the world at Asian Business School.


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Asian School of Business ( ASB )

Asian School of Business was set up with a vision to promote excellence in the field of education and to meet the ever-increasing demand of quality professionals in the field of business management and computer applications. At present, ASB offers BBA (General)BBA (International)BCA (General) & BCA (International) courses in affiliation with the CCS University. ASB facilitates tailored courses to provide students with an industry-relevant degree. Students get practical experience, attend seminars and prepare internship reports. They are encouraged to attend leadership training workshops and conferences for but not limited to public speaking, group dynamics, problem solving and evaluating techniques. The International Programs at ASB have unique international edge of learning from the best minds in the International Fully Paid Residential Workshop on Business of Entertainment at University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts Campus, Los Angeles, USA leading to international certification highly acclaimed in the media and entertainment industry worldwide.

With its comprehensive courses, Asian School of Business aims not only to enlighten the learning experience of students but also to enrichen and inspire them. It aims to develop knowledge, skills, value, ethics and expertise among students through its unique curriculum and modern pedagogies, thereby, bringing a reform in education.

We always strive to persistently engage in varied activities and initiatives to ensure success of each and every student in their career. Here Programs are formulated to emphasize the significance of and develop skills of students in communication, quantitative reasoning, planning, decision-making, problem-solving, business analysis and other domain based skills. They learn to identify problems, analyze them and provide efficient and effective practical solutions.

The academic environment generated by the interaction between professionals of various disciplines will have a stimulating influence, especially in the formative years of young students and it helps them to develop an integrated personality and a greater competitive spirit. ASB boasts of eminent industry professionals with extensive teaching and research experience from various disciplines as its faculty. It is home to students from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives, thereby, making the learning experience more creative, competitive, engaging and dynamic.

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Asian Law College ( ALC )

Affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh (CCS) University, Meerut and approved by Bar Council Of India (BCI)

ALC follows an approach to legal education wherein learning experience is not only enlightening but also enriching and inspiring. The College is committed to exploring multidisciplinary approaches through its unique curriculum and revolutionizing legal education through modern pedagogies, thereby adapting to the changing world in which law professionals operate. ALC aims at developing knowledge, skill and value amongst the students and they are nourished by the critical learning pedagogy and mentored and supported by faculty and staff so that they have the best experience possible to be successful in life.

Asian Law College boasts of faculty whose expertise spans across various areas of law and who have a wide range of teaching and research experience. We attract students from diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives. This leads to a vibrant multicultural classroom wherein established theory and new critical questions are put into a dialogue.

Asian Law College has an unmatched array of courses and academic offerings. Students have an opportunity to pursue a broad curriculum using rich educational resources in a dynamic and creative learning environment.

Curriculum is constantly adapted according to changing legal and other environmental developments. All our initiatives are a living proof of our commitment to every student’s success in his/her career.

Asian Law College aligns itself with Asian Education Group (AEG) which has a distinguished record of achievements. The academic environment generated by the interaction between professionals of various disciplines has a stimulating influence, especially in the formative years of young students that will help them to develop an integrated personality and a greater competitive spirit.



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