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Film & Television Research Center

For film makers, it’s imperative to research for their film in depth and International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry very well realises the need of proper research in filming. Hence, it’s operating it’s own Film and Research Center  with the intent to support the production of effective and efficient visual media programs.

Delightfully, International Film and Television Research Center (IFTRC) is the first and the only film & television research centre in the private sector in India.

Many debates, workshops, seminars and symposia on vital subjects related to media and entertainment are conducted and a number of national and international media professionals, intellectuals and significant public figures for interaction with the press and television organizations are invited on the platform of IFTRC to foster the flow of valuable knowledge.

Under ICMEI, IFTRC is actively working in 120 countries around the globe to gather important information for analysis and policy formation. Research on more than 18 topics related to films, television programs, advertising, sex and violence in the visual media etc. have so far been conducted by IFTRC.

Also, this research centre has an independent publication division where research papers, periodicals and books are published and then circulated across the world.

International Film & Television Research Centre is successfully providing significant information to the Indian Film Industry which is essential for its’ growth. It had also proved itself to be an indispensable part in creating an informed society all over the world.