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MSTV - Television

MSTV – Har Pal Apke Sath!

The hunger for entertainment and knowledge has made television indispensable to mankind. In today’s era, television is no more a luxury but a sheer necessity and also one of the biggest medium of mass communication. Realising the immense importance of television, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) is actively running it’s own television channel named MSTV. MSTV is an online television channel solely designed to educate and entertain the masses around the globe by showcasing various short films, informative programs on varied topics and interactions with eminent people from walks of life hailing from varied parts of the world.

Chamber believes that without communication this world is a crippled world and hence, MSTV, through it’s Internet channel and YouTube channel has a global reach and provides an amazing platform to the entire world for exchanging ideas and information. Knowledge is the only thing that increases by sharing and growth is only possible by accumulating more and more of this valuable commodity. ICMEI, through it’s MSTV channel aims to create a well-informed and well-aware world where every person keeps on walking successfully in the corridors of eternity.

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