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Akshay Marwah

Akshay Marwah


" All that Glitters is not always Gold!


and in this glittery glamorous world of entertainment, we, through the International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), enthusiastically work to provide a golden stage to artists all over the world so that they learn, grow and project their numerous talents.

Print, Radio, Internet, New Media, Cinema and Television are the pillars of mass communication and are indispensible for the dissemination of information, conveying ideas and thoughts and to stay connected with the world. ICMEI is passionately involved in looking towards innovation in all these sectors.

We believe that no book can compensate for the real life experiences and there’s no better way than festivals and events for a marvelous interaction. So, International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry regularly organizes some amazing global festivals like International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, Global Festival of Journalism, Global Literary Festival, Global Film Festival, Global Fashion and Design Week and many more where talented artists from all over the world participate and exchange knowledge.
Our motto is to create a boundary less world and to sprinkle love, peace and unity through art and culture all around the globe.

Akshay Marwah
( CEO )