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Meeting new people, interacting with them and exchanging knowledge is an indispensable way of growth and nothing can serve these purposes better than a festival. International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) very well realise this and hence, it is passionately running it’s own International Film and Television Club (IFTC).

IFTC is established with the sole purpose of organising various festivals where numerous artists get a chance to celebrate their art. It has contributed 10 very successful festivals to the world and they are:

  • Global Film Festival
  • Global Festival of Journalism
  • Global Literary Festival
  • Global Fashion Week
  • International Festival of Cellphone Cinema
  • International Sufi Festival
  • AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films
  • ASMS Festival of Short Films
  • WE CARE Festival of Films on Disability
  • Children’s Film Festival
  • Country Wise Film Festival
 All these festivals have fortunately been very successful in their respective objectives and have given a tremendous kick start to the aspiring as well as the eminent filmmakers by screening their work and giving them a beautiful platform to stage their creativity.

The Film Club is also actively involved in organising film shows of many prominent, classic and awarded films throughout the year.

ICMEI believes that what the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve and so, it is relentlessly working to inspire millions of people around the globe to convert their dreams into a reality.

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