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AAFT: Setting New Standards as the Biggest Event Designer in the Education Industry

AAFT: Setting New Standards as the Biggest Event Designer in the Education Industry

Noida, [Date] – In the pursuit of holistic education, AAFT has emerged as an unrivalled institution dedicated to nurturing students’ knowledge and capabilities, empowering them to script their own success stories. With an illustrious thirty-year journey, AAFT has consistently honed and polished its students, transforming them into diamonds of extraordinary calibre, both as professionals and as compassionate individuals. Notably, AAFT has set a remarkable milestone by orchestrating the largest number of events conducted by any educational institution in the world.

President of AAFT, Sandeep Marwah, proudly emphasizes the institute’s unwavering commitment to student development, highlighting the extensive array of events held in collaboration with their students. These events serve as platforms for experiential learning, enabling students to showcase their talents and expertise while engaging with professionals from various industries.

Undoubtedly, AAFT’s flagship events have left an indelible mark on the international stage, attracting participants and enthusiasts from across the globe. The Global Film Festival (16th Edition), Global Festival of Journalism (12th Edition), Global Literary Festival (9th Edition), and Global Fashion Week (8th Edition) have become iconic celebrations, each earning esteemed recognition within their respective industries.

Preceding these grand festivals, AAFT has consistently organized remarkable events such as the AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films (116th Edition), ASMS Short Film Festival (18th Edition), and International Festival of Cellphone Cine (16th Edition). Additionally, the institution hosts an extensive array of workshops, seminars, symposiums, interactions, exhibitions, music recitals, dance recitals, film launches, press conferences, and more, encompassing the diverse spectrum of art, culture, and education. These multifaceted programs attract professionals and individuals from all walks of life to AAFT’s Marwah Studios in Noida Film City.

The collaborative efforts of AAFT and Asian Event Management have yielded extraordinary results, solidifying their place in the esteemed World Book of Records London. The association has organized and been involved in an astounding 7,500 events, a testament to their unparalleled dedication and vision.

With 650 partnerships spanning the realms of film, television, print, radio, new media, social initiatives, art, and culture, AAFT bestows its students with invaluable exposure beyond their wildest dreams.

As AAFT continues to revolutionize the education industry, it sets new benchmarks as the biggest event designer, fostering a dynamic environment where students can thrive, excel, and leave an indelible mark on the world stage.

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