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Faculty Development Program at AAFT by Experts

Faculty Development Program at AAFT by Experts

Noida: A well-designed Faculty Development Program was successfully conducted at the AAFT in Noida, aiming to enhance the teaching standards and incorporate advancements in technology and evolving student behavior patterns. This program was meticulously planned for the faculty members from various disciplines within AAFT.

The program featured distinguished speakers, including Kenneth G. Wheeler from ICF PCC and Pathway Founder of Selah Consulting Solutions, Aditya Sisodia ICF PCC from Founder S Vision Consultants, and Suchitra Rajendra, ICF PCC CEO and Founder of QEDHR. Their insights and expertise provided valuable knowledge to the participants, focusing on modern teaching methodologies and the integration of technology in education.

The event was highly interactive, offering a platform for attendees to engage, share experiences, and learn from the experts. The session was not only informative but also facilitated an exchange of innovative ideas aimed at fostering a better learning environment. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the founder of AAFT, expressed his gratitude to all the dignitaries for their significant contributions. He appreciated their dedication and the valuable inputs they shared, which will undoubtedly benefit the faculty and, consequently, the students of AAFT.

The Faculty Development Program at AAFT underscores the institution’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education, preparing its faculty to meet the dynamic challenges of modern teaching.

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