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OTT Channels Talked About at 13th Global Film Festival Noida

OTT Channels Talked About at 13th Global Film Festival Noida

Noida: “The emergence of OTT has disrupted the entertainment sector. It has made movie-watching convenient, accessible and affordable across a wider segment of the users. Anybody with a mobile phone and internet connection can catch-up with a movie sitting anywhere in the world.,” said Sandeep Marwah president of Marwah Studios at the seminar conducted during 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020.

“OTT has kept us everyone busy during pandemic. The current market trends have taught us to be a choosy buyer, by default, it is now going to apply to cinema also but this will lead to better and subjects out of box. Theatres will have its own market, OTT is going to add to new viewership,” said Rahul Mittra renowned film maker from Mumbai.

AAFT Alumnus Masoom Singh Actor and Producer talked about the visibility and convenience of watching films at OTT Platforms.  He also emphasised on the retaining of creative shorts and you don’t have to go through censor board.

“This platform has provided the availability of best of the art at home during this pandemic. Some the films which I missed I could see during lockdowns. Best of the quality and  films at your command is the new principle of watching films. The new content has wider market other than big screen and existing channels,” said Keshav Panerly film maker

“Film makers have open platform to express themselves, there is no pressure as such on film of being with deleted shorts  or edited by some other agency,” added Ashnoor Kaur.

“OTT is an opportunity for many new film makers to come forward. Quality has to be the best  and you have to be different otherwise you will be removed in a minute by remote,” said Sanjay Prasad film maker from Dubai.

 “The size of the industry has grown big with OTT Film makers, technicians, heave more work to look upon. Different exclusive content to suit addition of new audience is now available,” said Mohit Soni Head Media & Entertainment Skills Council.

“It is a time to see new cinema. The concept of watching films has changed. Theatres will change to Home Cinema. From community viewing to family viewing is coming back. Many new genres will emerge now. said James Mimikos film maker from Greece.

 During session a poster of William Shakespeare Society was released by the distinguished guest to mark his contribution to literature and cinema. The event was supported by International Film And Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum and presented by International Film And Television Club along with AAFT University and International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

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