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President AAFT Addressed to Faculty on Diwali Day

President AAFT Addressed to Faculty on Diwali Day

Noida: The President of Asian Education Group Sandeep Marwah addressed the whole faculty, administration and members of the management on pre Diwali day and expressed his gratitude to each and every one.

“I am much obliged to each and very one who is present here and who is not present here for there sincere contribution to the making of AAFT as an international brand of education,” said Sandeep Marwah a day before the Diwali like last many years.

“We have grown from 40 to 4000 as far as students are concerned and 40 to 400 for managing the affairs. Seven World Records, more than 600 awards including 110 international accolades, twelve colleges and international status of being the first ten best film schools of the World and now the first film University status, nothing could have happened without your support. I cannot ignore the participation of even one person who has contributed to even one class ever taken in this campus,” added Marwah thanking all the staff members.

The meeting was followed by presentation of Diwali Gifts and lunch. Sandeep Marwah personally greeted every member of Marwah Studios.