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Sandeep Marwah Encourages Promotion of Performing and Fine Arts in India

Sandeep Marwah Encourages Promotion of Performing and Fine Arts in India

NOIDA: Dr. Sandeep Marwah, esteemed President of the Asian Academy of Arts, emphasized the importance of promoting performing and fine arts in India, in an enlightening address to students of cinema and journalism at a recent assembly.

Known globally for his distinguished contribution to the Indian arts, Marwah passionately argued for the necessity of a cultural revival, championing the cause of India’s diverse and rich artistic heritage. He highlighted the potential for Indian performing and fine arts to be shared and celebrated on a global scale.

“Performing and fine arts are not just a medium of expression, they are a testament to our cultural richness, our heritage. Our country is brimming with talent that deserves a global platform,” Marwah said. He urged students to become ambassadors for Indian arts and culture, harnessing the power of cinema and journalism to share these unique stories with the world.

Marwah acknowledged the challenges faced by artists in securing financial support and recognition. He advocated for more significant investment in arts education and infrastructure to nurture creativity and innovation. Moreover, he emphasized the need for a collaborative effort between government agencies, private institutions, and individual stakeholders to boost arts promotion.

By cultivating an environment that supports and values the arts, Marwah believes India can emerge as a global leader in cultural production. “It’s time for India to step onto the world stage and showcase our rich, artistic legacy to the world,” he said, instilling a sense of pride and responsibility among the students.

As part of his ongoing effort to foster an appreciation for the arts, Marwah announced the launch of new scholarships and fellowships at the Asian Academy of Arts. These initiatives are designed to provide financial aid and mentorship for aspiring artists and journalists, encouraging a new generation to carry the torch of cultural promotion.

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