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Seminar on Influence of Digital Media on People’s opinion at 11th GFJN

Seminar on Influence of Digital Media on People’s opinion at 11th GFJN

Noida: Digital media has revolutionized the way people consume information and interact with the world. With the advent of social media platforms, news websites, and other online resources, digital media has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. However, its influence on people’s opinions and daily lives is a subject of much debate,” initiated Dr. Sandeep Marwah founder of Noida Film City and President Marwah Studios in a seminar titled How does Digital Media influence the opinion of people and their daily life, during 11th Global Festival of Journalism Noida.

Digital media has the power to shape people’s opinions and beliefs through the content that they consume. Social media algorithms and news feeds are designed to provide users with content that matches their interests and preferences, which can create echo chambers that reinforce existing beliefs and opinions said Vipin Gaur Secretary  NAI-News Paper Association of India.

Moreover, digital media can have a profound impact on people’s daily lives, from the way they communicate with others to the way they consume entertainment and news. It has also changed the way businesses operate and market their products and services added Priyank Dubey well-known film maker.

“However, the influence of digital media is not always positive. The spread of misinformation and fake news can lead to harmful beliefs and actions, and the constant stimulation of social media can contribute to mental health issues such as Overall, while digital media has the power to shape people’s opinions and daily lives, it is important for individuals to approach it critically and to seek out diverse sources of information to avoid falling into echo chambers and misinformation,” condensed Dr. Ajay Kumar Executive Director AAFT Group of Education.

A new bulletin designed by the students of AAFT School of Mass Communication and Journalism was released from the stage. Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah Presented festival memento to all the dignitaries and  honoured with life membership of International Journalism Centre. The event was supported by International Film and Television Research Centre,  Asian Unity Alliance, Prithvi Yoga Centre, and World Peace Development and Research Foundation.

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