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Seminar on The Effect of OTT Platform on Reading  Habits at 8th GLFN

Seminar on The Effect of OTT Platform on Reading Habits at 8th GLFN

Noida: “8 years back we started Global Literary Festival Noida, idea is to motivate people to inculcate the habit of reading in their day to day life. A good reading

leads to good writing and good writing leads to good speaking,” said Sandeep Marwah Chancellor of AAFT University and  President of GLFN during the seminar on the second day of 8th Global Literary Festival Noida 2022.

Initiating the topic, Marwah said, ”From five to fifty five OTT Channels shows the increase in the viewership of new programs and demand for new subjects and ample writing works. Reading has been changed to listening now days,”

Ambassador of Venezuela, H.E Coromoto Godoy Calderon, shared that in her country, youngsters really like to read books and enjoy writing. She said that their President has helped establish public libraries and even giving out books for free to the public to encourage reading and writing. She said that Venezuela supports and encourages people to read, write and be creative. Her Excellency gifted the books she brought from Venezuela to the library of AAFT.

Every medium has its own importance be it a radio, television, cinema or digital. But Books are much more authentic than even google,” said renowned Ad Guru and author  Bharat Dabholkar from Mumbai. Author and Journalist Rajesh Badal said  “The lessons in books as well as the lessons of life both contribute to teaching.” Dr. Lavlin Thadani, a filmmaker and an author elaborated that books lead to enrichment of emotions, sharpening of sensitivity and enhancing the finer feelings of romance. She said selling books can’t be a rat race of money, why can’t it be only love for reading?”.

Former Ambassador of India to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, Dr. Amarendra Khatua, shared some key points with the delegates to be successful writers. “Reading books is an intellectual activity and anything in the audio-visual medium, especially films, are seen as a distraction. Books can change your lives and so can the movies, they can inspire and be life changing for a lot of people,” said young author Karmanya Thadani.

A book with the title “Bahke Kadam” written by S.S. Sharma was released by the  dignitaries. A poster highlighting the veteran writer and social reformer Deendayal Upadhyay was released by  the guests to mark respect to the contribution of the legend in the field of writing. Ermia Raescu, an educationist from Romania,  Global Chairman of MSMECCI  Indrajit Ghosh also spoke on the occasion.

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