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Story Telling Is an Art-Sandeep Marwah at 6th Global Literary Festival

Story Telling Is an Art-Sandeep Marwah at 6th Global Literary Festival

New Delhi:  “Even if you are writing a story for  book publication or a story for a feature film the fact is that it has to be out of the box, different from many others and has to be somewhere close to reality to catch an eye and attention of the reader and viewer. Story telling is an Art,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios in a session to discuss stories during the second day of Global Literary Festival Noida 2020.

“How does one define the word story? Long, short, funny or serious? Dark, inspirational, or possibly captivating? Each person has his or her own unique story to tell.  Stories are never-ending journeys, hidden talents or suppressed memories, all waiting to be told. We all have a distinct definition of a story, so why not share yours,” provoked Dr. Sandeep Marwah to the writers who were attending the session.

“Storytelling is our obligation to the next generation. If all we are doing is marketing, we are doing a disservice, and not only to our profession, but to our children, and their children. Give something of meaning to your audience by inspiring, engaging, and educating them with story. Stop marketing. Start storytelling,” said Pramod Kumar Tiwari who was also conducting the program.

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon,” added Ravi Bhushan senior Critic. We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling,” said .Mahesh Katare renowned writer. “You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it,” said Rakesh Bihari popular writer.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world,” expressed Sushil Bharti while giving vote of thanks to the veteran story writers of the nation. The event was supported by AAFT University and International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

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