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New Delhi: With co-operation, support and guidance of some eminent Indian personalities ‘Armed Forces Support Mission’ has been launched with the sole objective to extend much needed support to the families of Armed forces of our beloved country.

“It is planned to launch a mass signature campaign at about 350 major cities in the country and to obtain signatures of over 50 million Indian citizens, with minimum contribution of rupees ten each, during the campaign. The funds so collected, will be deposited with National Defense Fund of Government of India. The Names of the citizens contributing to the fund, will be displayed on the website of the Mission to be included later in the books of records,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor AAFT University of Media And Arts and former District Commandant in Para Military Force initiated the campaign.

“This program is designed with a view to recognize and to express our Love, Gratitude and Respect to about 16 lakhs Armed Forces Personnel, it is proposed that the Mission in association with Mrs Subashri Natrajan & GWR Team of Mother India Crochet Queens, will arrange to send ‘Rakhis’ (Bands of Love) to all the Armed Forces personnel, along with a suitable covering letter of thanks,” added J.P.Singh Director India Skill Development Council & Managing Trustee of Creates Trust.

Jagmohan Garg & Sahil Garg of Mera Baba Group Dr. Nirmal Singh noted Academician and Management expert, Brig. Dr. B.K Khanna Gallantry Award Winner, Senior Consultant N.D.M.A, CEO United Nations’ Arise India, M K Sharma Ex-Senior Banker Govt. of India, Arun Kanwal of Creates Trust, Rathish Babu of AAT College, Kabir Sahni Election Awaaz, Bir Zorawar of I.S.D Council, Vikram Pratap alumnus Harvard University, Dheeraj Ahuja Global Organization of People of Indian Origin and many others are supporting the cause. He organization will start its mission from next month.

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